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Somnath Tourism

The characteristic feature of India spiritual culture is widely and vividly experienced in Somnath Temple. Considered to be one of the leading shrines and highly esteemed pilgrimage destination, this tourist attraction is visited by people all of all faiths from all over the globe. Snuggled close to the extreme west coast of Indian subcontinent in the state of Gujarat, Somnath temple is famous Joytirlinga’s; the abode of Lord Shiva; revered by the devotees and non-devotees equally.

Somnath Travel and Tourism portal helps online visitors to get avail of good quality Somnath hotels and Somnath Restaurants. We bounded with aim to give best information about affordable accommodations before arrive to Veraval area in Gujarat. This portal can help tourist to get luxury as well as comfort at budget (cheap) room bookings.

Somnath trust also having their own Sets of dharmashala with different categories, and facility for site scenes visit arrangement of places situated Surround main temple of Somnath i.e. Trivani Sangam Sthan. Somnath temple occupies a special place in Indian historical background. Attacked, plundered and destroyed seventeen time by Mahmud Gazini, the majestic temple was re-erected to the present glory each time by hindu Rajas and rulers of that time. This history imparts Gujaratis’ a gentle dignity and secure culture with hospitable nature.

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has taken pains to develop Somnath tourism by augmenting the Industry with infrastructural facilities which includes hotels, restaurants cheap accommodation and other quality schemes and plans all aimed to make the stay of tourists in Somanth a comfortable and secure one.

The ministry has also undertaken the development of tourism infrastructure at the rural sites of Somnath so that socio-economic benefits percolate down to the local rural communities. The wholistic development of Somnath tourism has made this tourist attraction more than just a spiritual destination but is worth visiting for all those who are nature lovers and have keen interest in knowing more about the historical aspects of Somnath; The lord and The Protector of Moon.

Tourist can easily find and fix Somnath tourist packages available with various tour operators and agents who arrange travel, accommodation, sight- seeing, entertainment and other entertainment along with tourism related services for foreign tourist across the famous places as well as places of other spiritual significance situated around the Somnath temple area.


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